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RUBIDA Goes Down Well With Vinegar…

With vinegar? Yes, indeed! Not everyone is familiar with the use of vinegar to remove stains. RUBIDA does, and RUBIDA cares for your cloth, so should you. This is why we just love to share some vinegar-based stain-removing tips with you. These tips stood the test of time; we hope that you may benefit from them as well.


It may happen that the handyperson in your home get some rust stains on his/her clothing. No reason to tear your hair out… Simply blot the stain(s) with some vinegar, rub some salt onto (and into) the vinegar-blotted stain, and then add some direct sunlight to the process. Wait until the stain has faded and then wash the piece of clothing as you would normally have done. Voilà, the stain(s) should be gone.


Oh goodness, those dreaded ink marks on fabrics! Well, before going for the bottle of vinegar, first grab some hairspray (and if it is your mom’s, get permission first). Spray that stain generously with the spray and then, afterwards, dab the stain with some vinegar. That should do the job…


Crayon marks on fabrics may seem to be troublesome, but that is not the case. Removing them is easier than when it comes to ink stains. Simply use a brush (no, not your husband’s toothbrush – but yes, a toothbrush will do) and rub some vinegar with the brush into the crayon stain. A good wash will most likely then remove that stain.


Pull that vinegar closer, as fast as you can (speedy application is the secret), and soak that blood stain in some of that acidic liquid for not less than ten minutes. Rinse (with cold water) and if the stain is still there, simply repeat the process. 


That is something that is very common, but how can one get rid of that? No need to get sour, just pull something sour closer… Take some vinegar and follow the process that is used in the removal of rust stains (as discussed in point 1 above). That may do the trick.


Well, we will distance ourselves from giving advice for grass burns, but not when it comes to grass stains. Whenever you are faced with such a stain, make sure that you soak that stain in vinegar for at least half an hour. Wash the stained fabric, and if the grass stain persist, then consider brushing the stain with a paste made from baking soda and, let’s guess, vinegar! Another wash and the grass stain may most likely have disappeared. 

RUBIDA have many more tips to share, so be sure to visit us often for money-saving stain-removing tips. Take note: Using these tips, should be done at the user’s own discretion. RUBIDA cannot be held responsible for any damage to fabrics that may result due to the negligent application of these tips. For more vinegar-based tips, feel free to click on this NBC News link.

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