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When it Come to Cleaning, Should You Go Dry or Wet?

Many people think that dry cleaning services cater only for the cleaning of clothing and textiles used in the hospitality sector. Because of this, people believe that your normal home laundry option is still the best. This is far from the truth. In order to care for your clothes properly, RUBIDA will show you the difference between dry cleaning vs. home (wet) washing. 

So, why is your normal (wet) laundry session at home not necessarily better and more worthwhile than a dry cleaning session?


When you have to wash delicate fabrics such as silk, velvet, and wool, then know that heat and water can damage them. During the cleaning process, the structure of these fabrics may be altered because of the heat and water. Water, for example, can swell and stretch the fibers. This can cause the fiber to lose its original shape. When heat is used to remove stains, the heat can contribute greatly in damaging fibers.


Dry cleaning is less water intensive. Instead of submerging your clothes in water with soap or detergent, the dry cleaning process uses clothing-safe chemicals to remove stains. As such, dry cleaning is better for removing grease, oil, or other deep-set stains. Dry cleaning does not use the spin method to dry clothes. This method can cause clothing to shrink or stretch out. At dry cleaners, a special drying machine is used for dry cleaning. This allows for the shape of your clothes to be maintained. Cleaning clothes via dry cleaning can protect delicate fabrics, which can easily be damaged if washed in the conventional manner. 


The above information makes it clear that dry cleaning is a more appropriate method for cleaning delicate or stained fabrics. To add onto that, dry cleaning is necessary to protect fabrics that would otherwise be damaged by the heat or water of your traditional washer and dryer. Are you unsure whether a piece of fiber should be dry or wet cleaned? Don’t be. Always check the label, or alternatively, contact us immediately for friendly advice. We believe that, when it doubt, rather bring it to the dry cleaner and let us handle it from there.

Let us end this discussion by looking at what gentlemansgazette suggest, in order to avoid repeated trips to the dry cleaner:

  • Wear washable undergarments (underwear and undershirts) to protect dry clean only garments from sweat and deodorant.
  • Wear washable clothes whenever possible if you know sweating will be an issue when wearing the garment.
  • Layer washable dress shirts under dry clean only sweaters to extend their wear between cleanings.
  • Hang dry clean only clothes outside or by a vent to air them out after wearing, prior to returning them to your closet.
  • Avoid spraying cologne directly on dry clean only clothes, as it will linger long after it’s worn off your skin.
  • Avoid spraying dry clean only clothes with “fresheners”; it contains alcohol, fragrance and other chemicals to bind to odors but the product itself will linger and build in clothes over time.
  • Attempt to spot-clean stains at home before submitting the entire garment to the dry cleaner; look up a specific remedy depending on the type of stain, such as baby powder for oil stains.
  • Use a clothing brush to freshen dusty clothes or to remove dry dirt or lint. As opposed to surface-only lint rollers, the bristles of clothing brushes are able to reach under the weave of a fabric without damaging it to safely release trapped particles.

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